Youth policy

Youth policy in the Institute today is an integral part of the HR policy aimed at attraction and retention of revelation and realizing the potential of young specialists.В  Today there is visible progress in rejuvenation of the staff: 20% of the staff are young people under 35.
According to a plan,В  the social work is aimed to attract the students into specialized institutions of higher education. The representatives of the HR Department are constantly engaged in the following activities:
 annual participation in recruitment fairs, roundtable meetings concerning the youth employment problems held in the institutions of higher education in Saint-Petersburg;
participation in appointment of young specialists from the specialized institutions of higher education (SPb State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; SPb Institute of railway transport engineers; IvanovРѕ State Power Engineering Institute; Ivanovo State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Kursk State Technical University etc.);
organizing the meetings of the key specialists of the Institute with the students and graduates.
It is an old-established practice in the Institute to attract the students for traineeship in the Institute with the further employment after graduation.
The young specialists can gain interesting work in the friendly professional atmosphere, which is connected with the modern engineering design including foreign contracts (Germany, China, Lithuania etc.), and workplaces equipped with the advanced hardware and software. The youth has the possibility to receive additional education at the expense of the Institute, to take part in the themed conferences and to develop the carrier.
Personnel management system adopted in the Institute is aimed at the formation and development of the conditions for socialization and professional growth of the young generation. The following programs are developed for youth support:
 Youth adaptation program;
 Regulations on mentorship.
Youth adaptation program determines the status of a young specialist, his/her special rights and duties, guarantees, social benefits and the list of adaptation measures.В  If needed, young specialists can be housed in the single or double rooms in the hostel. When employing the young people receive one-time payment as an expansionary measure from the Institute, zero-interest loans on special terms and compensation for housing rent.В  HR Department provides monitoring of execution of this program.
There is a mentorship system in the Institute that helps the young people to master practical skills, design methods, technologies and instrumentation in a short time and to accomplish the assigned duties qualitatively.
In the mentorship period, the young specialists and mentors use the programs developed by HR Department jointly with the head of division and the mentor. The program of youth growthВ developed for accounting for competency profile of a design engineer and specificity of engineering design activities. The program execution is monitored at the regular interviews in free format between the young employee, his/her mentor and the representative of HR Department.В The individual work of the young employee is corrected, added and specified during these interviews plan.В  As a final stage of the adaptation program the young employee works on probation in the Chief engineer bureau.
Further plans for work with the young personnel are establishing a tradition of employment ceremony for the young, organizing themed evening parties in the Institute’s café, establishing an Internet club, participating in the events of the youth organization «Aurora polaris», developing of the direction «Young family and children» etc.