Social policy

The main social benefits of the Institute’s employees are the following:
Additional medical maintenance for the employees and pensioners. The employees of the Institute and pensioners have voluntary medical insurance policies that give the possibility to receive additional medical services under the Contract with CMSCH-38 (Sosnovy Bor), dental services in a private dental clinic and subsidies for purchase of medicine.
Non-state pension provision.
For additional support of the Institute’s employees, the management of the Institute works through the schemes of cooperation with the non-state pension funds. The agreement is concluded with the “SlalFond” non-state pension fund for the non-state support of the retirees.
Recreation activity.
The employees receive the subsidies for attendance of the health and leisure institutions, the annual flue vaccination and preventive medical survey.
Establishment of the Council of В«VNIPIET'sВ» veterans which along with the Human Resource Department coordinates the social work with veterans.
Implementing of the young employees support programs.

The social policy of the Institute includes welfare assistance for the employees in need, share of profits, annual awarding of the winners based on the operating results of the Institute, and organization of the corporate events. The Institute also works towards organization of leisure time for the employees, development of their creative potential (sport and mass events, amateur performances), which yields tangible results.В  The chamber choir of OJSC SPII VNIPIET won the diploma «Festival debutВ» and the Audience Choice Award” in the 1st regional contest “Singing voices” held in SosnovyBor on the 16th of April, 2006.