By designing of power industry to come we care of purityВ  and safety on our planet. It is the world of open opportunities for living and future generations.

Strategic directions of activities:
 Design of nuclear power installations of different application.
 Treatment of general industrial waste, radwaste, spent nuclear fuel.
Decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

While developing the strategic lines we master new technologies and skim the cream off the supporting directions of our activities:
Oil refining.
Solar energy.
Thermal energy.

Expand the work field of the company, offering customers high-quality innovative products.
Managing the cooperation of design institutes as an instrument for implementation of large-scale projects.
 Mastering the technologies from the different fields of industrial and civil design in order to transfer the best of them onto design of power engineering facilities.
 Leading positions on the market of radiation safety assurance and radwaste treatment.
Prevail of mental capacity activity (Basic Design, Technical Design, Feasibility study, Project management) upon development of Detail Design..
Taking a stand on the market of radiation safety assurance, radwaste treatment, decommissioning and disposal of nuclear-hazardous facilities of the former Soviet Union and euro-zone countries.
Extending competence and experience of young generation of designers.

Everything that can contribute to the development of our strategic lines and fulfillment of our Mission is worth our attention, study and implementation.