1. Engineering Department

Buildup and coordination of common engineering policy in the design of industrial and civil buildings and facilities under auspices of the Chief Engineer of the Institute;
Technical consulting for developers of design documentation in the divisions of the Institute, guidance in the development of new and technically sophisticated design solutionsВ  and substantiation of safety and reliability of projected facilities;
Support of design and survey activities of the Institute at all the designВ  stages;
Assurance for fulfilling the requirements of the Russian normative documents, IAEA guidelines and recommendations in terms of meeting the nuclear safety requirements in the design documentation;
Cooperation with the external regulatory agencies and expert bodies during documentation expertise;
Organization and control of technical training for the personnel of the Institute;
Organization of knowledge testing for the employees engaged in the designing the buildings and facilitiesВ  subject to the State supervisory bodies;
Technical and methodological guidance on the process of licensing the Institute’s activities;
Participation in export control realization;
Business processes updating in the Institute.