3. Architectural and Constructional Department

Designing objects of nuclear power facilities, industrial and civil buildings, infrastructural facilities;
Development of architectural and planning concepts for the primary, auxiliary, administration, and industrial undertaking buildings;
В Development of architectural and planning concepts for civil buildings;
Development of interior designs;
Development of general plans for the industrial buildings;
Development of general plans for the residence, civil , public, and administration buildings;
Design of road networks and railroad networks В 
Design of natural and artificial foundations of the buildings and facilities;
Design of building structures (reinforced concrete, metal, masonry, and timber structures for the industrial, auxiliary, civil, and administration buildings);
Design of engineering structures (supporting walls, subways, underground and above-ground passageways, free standing supporting structures, crane trestle, tank structures, bridge crossings);
Design of building structures with transport and lifting equipment (craneways, stairs, maintenance platforms);
Engineering analysis;
Location of typically designed buildings and facilities including air-ducts and short chimney shafts;
В Visual inspection of buildings and facilities;
В Construction design supervision of buildings and facilities;
В Development of different sections and parts of design documentation in the framework of valid licenses.