Nuclear objects

Leningrad NPP

Leningrad NPP-2

Kursk NPP

B. P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Pfysics (PIYAF)

Alexandrov Research Institute of Technology (NITI)

Central Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau-2 (TSKBM-2)

Novourengoy Gas Chemical Complex


Leningrad Specialized Combinat «Radon»

Murmansk Specialized Combinat «Radon»

Lithuania. Ignalina NPP

China Academy of Engineering Physics (MianYang)

Tianwan NPP

        In the field of atomic energy use OJSC SPII “VNIPIET” has developed the unique projects of construction, upgrading, and technical re-equipment, service life extension of the following facilities and systems:
        NPP reactor units; 
        RBMK-1000 safety systems;
         radiation environment monitoring system;
         gas treatment system;
         research reactor facilities;
         solid radwaste treatment facility;
         metal radwaste treatment facility;
         nuclear fuel storage facilities;
         radwaste storage facilities;
         radwaste and ionizing radiation source facilities;
         environmental rehabilitation of contaminated areas;
         radwaste packaging;
         decommissioning of turbine hall at Ignalina NPP;
         Large-scale test facilities for experimental evolution of the main pumping unit components of SVBR-100 reactor plant and testing the main circulation pump;
         Metal-clad switchgears of 6kV voltage, distributing network of 6 kV;
         Metal-clad switchgears of 0.4kV voltage, distributing network of 0.4kV, DC mains;
         Outdoor electrical networks;
         Automated control system for power supply of facilities;
         Communications, alarm warning system, industrial television, radio, clock system, computer network, security alarm system, video monitoring, earthing, lightning protection.