A unique experience in engineering, design and research allows the Institution to work confidently in many different directions, launching projects of high technical and scientific level.
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Licensed activities of OJSC SPII "VNIPIET" are:
Engineering and design of nuclear energy use facilities including:
-В В  В Systems, buildings and facilities of nuclear power stations (NPP blocks);
-В В  В Facilities and complexes of research reactors;
-В В  В Equipment for NPP, stationary objects and facilities for radwaste storage;
-В В  В Complexes containing radioactive materials;
-В В  В Technical and ecological justification of radiation-dangerous object safety;
-В В  В In-depth safety assessment of NPP power units;
-В В  В Strength prediction for equipment and pipelines;
-В В  В Hydraulic and thermal calculations.
Design of industrial buildings and facilities:
-В В  В Engineering plants;
-В В  В TPP and boiler houses;
-В В  В Mini plants based on pre-fabricated constructions;
-В В  В Multimodal and logistic complexes;
-В В  В Catering companies.
Civil engineering:
-В В  В Office buildings;
-В В  В Health care facilities;
-В В  В Shopping malls;
РЎonstruction and installation works and functioning as customer-developer. Main contractor works;
Reconstruction, modernization, technical upgrading, extension of operating life of construction projects:
-В В  В Water purification, water treatment, gas purification and other engineering systems
-В В  В Low-waste low-temperature technologies of corrosion protection of equipment
Designer supervision and project support of construction and installation works and exploitation of the objects.
Other services