Designer Supervision

Designer supervision is aimed to guarantee implementation of technical solutions provided with technical documentation of OJSC SPII "VNIPIET" and timely corrective actions against identified remarks and violations.
Designer supervision is implemented according to SP-11-110-99 of State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Municipal Complex named В«Designer supervision of buildings and facilities constructionВ» and according to the quality system procedure STE (Standard of an Enterprise) В«Designer supervision and project supportВ». The supervision is implemented under the guidance of chief project engineers by production units and specific workers appointed with annual order of Director General of the Institute for each object on a contract.В  Schedule of visits of objects for the designer supervision is attached to the order.
The experts appointed with the order to run the designer supervision solve technical problems timely and quickly, make changes if necessary to developed technological design and engineering documentation through the established procedure, and also visit construction site for intermediate acceptance of critical structures and for inspection of hidden works in terms provided by the schedule and/or with a special call of a customer or a contractor according to the contract. Deviations from design-and-engineering documentation requirements detected during the construction and installation work, commentaries to the documentation and also the progress of work to eliminate commentaries and deviations (announcements on changes and replacement of the documentation) are recorded in a В«Journal of Designer SupervisionВ».
Coordination of works on designer supervision is implemented by the manager of designer supervision, which is appointed with the order of the Institution.
Contractor is responsible for the safety of Journal and provides access to the Journal for authorized supervision persons, designer, customer and subcontractors during the whole period of construction. After the end of the construction contractor hands the Journal over to the customer.
Procedures on organization and running of designer supervision and design and engineering support of work in OJSC SPII "VNIPIET" are outlined in STE В«Designer supervision and project supportВ».