Complex of solid radwaste treatment is included to the system of radwaste handling on Kursk NPP. Also the complex of solid radwaste treatment (CSRAWT) includes complex of liquid radwaste treatment (CLRAWT) and reprocessed radwaste storage (RRAWS).

CSRAWT relates to the nuclear facilities according to the federal law в„–170-FL В«On nuclear energy useВ» clause 3, since it is a part of Kursk nuclear plant.

CSRAWT is designed for reception and recycling of solid radwaste in order to reduce the amount of waste and to transform it for safe storage, transportation and burial.

The construction of CSRAWT is necessary due to:
-Requirements of regulations on SRAW recycling, compaction and conditioning in order to provide safe storage, transportation and burial of wastes and not to have damage effect on human and environment during the whole term of its potential danger.
-High filling degree of CSRAWT storages on Kursk NPP.

Accumulated radwastes are stored in existing SRAW storages: Solid waste storage I, Solid and liquid waste storage II, Solid waste storage III, storage of engine room dismantled roofing I, II.
Complex of solid radwaste treatment provides:
- reception and recycling of radwastes;
- recycling of secondary radwastes formed on CSRAWT;
- placement of recycled waste to nonrefundable protective containers (NPC);
- definition of radiation specifications of conditioned waste, loaded to a container and certification of filled containers (NPC) before shipping to the storage (burial);
- definition of radiation specifications of conditioned waste in order to output them from regulating control.

Complex of solid radwaste treatment recycle such radwastes as:
- very low-activity waste (VLAW), low-activity waste (LAW), intermediate level waste (ILW);
- metal radioactive waste (MRAW) and waste of complicated morphological constitution;
- thermal isolation waste;
- cable waste;
- liquid combustible radioactive waste (LCRAW);
- exhausted ion exchange resins (EIER).

In CSRAWT design the existing engineering utility systems, Kursk NPP industrial area transport links, CLRAWT, RRAWS and existing infrastructure of CRAWT area on Kursk NPP were all taken into account.
Facilities and equipment of CSRAWT on Kursk NPP provides recycling of SRAW and combustible LRAW (wasted oil) entering the complex.

Recycled waste depending on results of radiometric measurements are sent either to RRAWS or, if output from regulating control, are sent to Kursk NPP for utilization as industrial waste.
CSRAWT is designed for recycling of all accumulated very law, law and intermediate activity waste on Kursk NPP during not more than 20 years with simultaneous recycling of newly formed solid RAW.

The composition of CSRAWT
In CSRAWT for SRAW treatment are provided:
- SRAW reception area;
- SRAW fragmentation and sorting area (including installation of cable cutting, filter press and installation of plasticized substance pulverization;
- Decontamination area;
- Pressing area;
- Area of SRAW thermal recycling with a cleaning system and monitoring (radiological and chemical) of flue gases;
- Area of exhausted ion exchange resins recycling with a cleaning system and monitoring (radiological and chemical) of flue gases;
- Concentration (evaporation) area;
- Cementation area;
- System of internal transport;
- Area of loading the containers of NPC type;
- System of RAW monitoring and control;
- complex laboratory;
- auxiliary systems, providing the work of CSRAWT.