District heating station (DHS-1) of the affiliate в„– 10 В«ZelenogradskyВ» OJSC В«MOEKВ» is located at the address: Moscow, Zelenograd, Panfilov Prospect, 18.

DHS-1 constantly generates heat energy for the needs of heating and hot water supply in Zelenograd.

Heat supply of consumers attached to the station heating networks is organized as double-piped scheme with open water pumping. Water with temperature chart of 150 С‡ 70 РЎВ° is used as heat-transfer agent.

A project documentation for reconstruction of DHS-1 of the affiliate в„– 10 В«ZelenogradskyВ» OJSC В«MOEKВ» with construction of a boiler house includes the installation of 7 hot-water boilers Unicon WT-50 produced by В«KPA UNICON OyВ» (Finland) with a thermal power of 50 MW each in a projected building (installed power is 350 MW). In project is subsequent expansion to installed power of 500 MW by installation of 3 additional boilers Unicon WT-50.

The Main pavilion of the boiler house with junction to the Separate pavilion and building of administrative and social pavilion (ASP) is being projected on a territory of DHS-1. According to the accepted project the territory of DHS-1 is surrounded with reinforced concrete fencing, with two Visitor Control Centers in plan for transport transit and passage of employees and visitors.

The volume of design:

    • New construction:
    • The main pavilion of the boiler house with installed power of 350 MW;
    • Special pavilion of the boiler house;
    • Pavilion of administrative and social complex;
    • Visitor Control Center;
    • Rainwater run-off treatment facilities;
    • Gas consumption measuring unit;
    • Chimney-stacks в„– 1 and в„– 2;
    • Tanks of boiler feed water supply;
    • Transformer substation;
    • Solid household waste collection area;
    • Equipping with services and utilities.
    • Demolition and dismantling of old DHS-1, specifically:
    • Two boilers PTVM-100 with pipelines;
    • Deaerator with tank farm;
    • Distributive transformer substation;
    • Old chimney stack;
    • New temporary gas control unit;
    • Boiler в„–7;
    • Building of multifunctional radiochemical complex.